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River Ilen (Skibbereen) Flood Risk Assessment & Management Study

A Flood Risk Assessment & Management Study is being advanced by the Cork County Council in partnership with the Office of Public Works for the town of Skibbereen, Co. Cork. This study, which commenced in February 2011, has identified appropriate flood risk alleviation measures (Skibbereen Flood Relief Scheme) for Skibbereen Town.

When progressing an OPW Flood Relief Scheme there are 5 distinct stages involved in OPW Flood Relief Schemes;
  • Stage 1: Feasibility & Preferred Option Selection. (Completed January 2012)
  • Stage 2: Environmental Assessment & Planning/Public Exhibition. (Completed May 2013)
  • Stage 3: Detailed design & Procurement of Works Contractor. (Completed April 2016)
  • Stage 4: Scheme Confirmation (Completed March 2016)
  • Stage 5: Construction & Handover.

Cork County Council, working on behalf of the Office of Public Works, is progressing the Skibbereen Flood Relief Scheme through all stages.

In February 2011, following a public procurement process RPS Consultant Engineers were appointed by Cork County Council to advance the River Ilen (Skibbereen) Flood Risk Assessment & Management Study.

Stages 1 to 4 have been completed.

During Stage 2: Public Exhibition (April-May 2013). In accordance with the OPWs Arterial Drainage Acts process the scheme was put on public display for 1 month and comments sought. A number of submissions were received, assessed and considered. A Public Exhibition Report was prepared by the consultants taking account of all observations made. Response letters to these observations were issued by the OPW.

At the public exhibition the scheme drawings were accompanied by an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and also a Non-Technical Summary. Copies of documents exhibited included:

1. Exhibition Stage Poster #1 EIS (April 2013)
2. Exhibition Stage Poster #2 General (April 2013)
3. Vol I EIS - Non-Technical Summary (April 2013) [7MB]
4. Vol II EIS - Mainbody (April 2013) [21MB]
5. Vol III EIS - Appendices (April 2013) [49MB]
6. Exhibition Stage Drawings (April 2013) [29MB]

7. Appropriate Assessment Screening Report (April 2013) [3MB]

Following the completion of the Exhibition the scheme progressed through detailed engineering design. The environmental impact of changes to the proposed engineering solution were also assessed and an Addendum to the Environmental Impact Statement was prepared and submitted to the Minister for Ministerial Confirmation.

8. MCE0703RP0005F02 - EIS Addendum (July 2015) [8MB]
9. Appropriate Assessment Screening Report - Addendum (February 2015) [1MB]

10. Confirmation Stage Drawings (July 2015) [42MB]

Tender documentation was prepared and the construction contractor was procured in accordance with EU procurement rules. Tenders were received by Cork County Council in February 2016.

In accordance with the 1945 Arterial Drainage Act, the OPW received Ministerial Confirmation for the flood relief scheme in January 2016, completing Stage 4: Scheme Confirmation.

On Friday 20th May 2016 Cork County Council signed a contract with Jons Civil Engineering Ltd for the construction of the River Ilen (Skibbereen) Drainage Scheme. This is a significant milestone for Skibbereen town and marked the advancement of the Flood Relief Scheme into Stage 5: Construction.

This substantial construction project, valued at 15.8m, will deliver flood risk alleviation measures for the town of Skibbereen. The works include the construction of approximately 7.5km of flood defences in the form of earthen flood embankments (with and without sheetpiled cores), reinforced concrete walls, sheetpiled walls, stormwater pumping stations, culverts and other ancillary drainage works.






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